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VIVA - Vibrational Immersion in Visionary Art


VIVA is the ambitious project to create a local/space for the unique collection of the visionary art of Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann and Pascal Ferry.


Robert Venosa originally coined the name VIVA during his lifetime together with his wife and co-creator Martina Hoffmann. They envisioned it to represent the entire private collection of the two artists, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, film-, CD-cover design, book and magazine covers, the original art for Robert Venosa's three books, as well as many personal memorabilia. After Robert's death in 2011, Martina continued to nurture the VIVA vision and over time it has expanded to include the work of her current partner, the French painter Pascal Ferry.


In short: VIVA has the vocation to be a museum, a gallery, a library as well as a center for transmission, exchange and encounters.


With the growing interest in visionary art, culture and all related subjects, world views and philosophies, we believe that the time has now come to make the "VIVA Museum" a reality.

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