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End of Winter, almost !

Martina working n TOTEM.

Winter...a great time to remember our family clan and connection to our ancestors.

During the cold season, I've mostly stayed in my studio and have been working on new art on paper as well as canvas....TOTEM is one of them and a very recent piece....

It's been such a pleasure to have been re-discovering my love for working with crayons and tempera on paper.....I so enjoy the subtle nuances of the grey tones. An excellent way to express volumes with simplicity.

Here's the finished piece.....

TOTEM, 2018, crayons and tempera on paper, 19" x 26" / 49 x 65 cm.

You now have your choice of limited edition Fine Art Prints on canvas as well as paper in very small editions of only 30 examples.



Martina Hoffmann

Please enjoy a visit to my website:

1 Comment

Your art is beyond spectacular Martina ... thank you ty ty ...

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