ILLUMINATUS, Book by Robert Venosa

ILLUMINATUS, Book by Robert Venosa

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  • A great handbook for all Venosa art lovers!
  • Cloth-bound hard cover, full color, 240 pages, 11” x 12”.
  • With 175 illustrations (150 in color).
  • A very comprehensive, retrospective monograph of Robert Venosa’s life and artistic work.
  • It is a fine collection of his best known works as well as containing a detailed photo-illustrated biography.
  • ‘Illuminatus’ was published as Venosa's last book before his transition in 2011.
  • With a foreword by the ethnobotanist and thinker Terence McKenna as well as his haiku-inspired poetry commentaries to illustrate Venosa’s artwork throughout the book. Both men shared a great mutual appreciation of each other’s work and a special friendship.
  • With a preface by British/Australien author and publisher Nevill Drury as well as further forewords by Robert Venosa’s colleges in the visionary art field, Ernst Fuchs, Mati Klarwein and HR Giger.


Quotes and testimonies:


"Bravo Venosa! Dali is pleased to see spiritual madness
    painted with such a fine technique."
                                                                Salvador Dali

“Robert Venosa's art truly captures the imprint of a spiritual
force; each painting is so alive, seeming to breathe, pulsate
and stare back at you, challenging the viewer to also reach
their highest potential"
                                                             Carlos Santana



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