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Art Collection

Martina Hoffmann

Paintings & Sculpture

Phone: +1 (720) 897 7740

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About Martina Hoffmann and the VIVA Art Collection

Martina Hoffmann is a painter and sculptor,  a creatrix of her 'Inner Landscapes' and 'Other Worlds'. 
From a young age, she felt a great affinity with an animist worldview when she came in close contact with indigenous culture during her childhood years spent in equatorial West Africa. The notion of a living, interconnected world has remained a central theme in her life and her art is a direct expression of this view. Martina's interest lies in portraying the connective energy that surrounds all life, fuels the Universal Matrix, and flows through us at any given moment.

On her artistic path, Martina Hoffmann has explored Realism, Visionary, and Fantastic Art, as well as Primitive and Abstract Art elements. Through the years she has developed a unique visual language that makes use of and combines all styles to create her unique iconography.

With studios in the USA as well as in Europe, Martina continues her world citizen existence. Being intimately immersed in multiple cultures enriches her and her art continuously.

Today, her body of work comprises hundreds of paintings, drawings, and sculptures, of which ca. 170 pieces reside in the private VIVA Collection.

The VIVA Vision:

The original dream of creating a permanent museum-gallery space for the art of Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann was born during their 30-year partnership. After Robert's passing in 2011, she continued to hold on to it. When she joined a new partnership with the French painter, Pascal Ferry, this dream expanded into a wider vision of all three artists' work populating the future VIVA Museum-Gallery. Since that time Martina & Pascal continue to publicly speak to the importance, impact, and benefits of creating an art and exhibition space with a holistic philosophy where the viewer can be nourished by uplifting, healing art that celebrates the interconnectedness of all life. 

Welcome to the Studios of Martina Hoffmann
Enjoy the visit!

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What We Envision Now

Spring 2024 and forward

Summer 2023 and forward

Fall 2023 and forward

- A Retrospective Traveling Museum Exhibition featuring the art of Martina Hoffmann or all three VIVA Collection artists that will tour the  United States, Europe, and beyond.

- Gallery Exhibitions

- The creation of a Virtual Gallery that will allow a wide audience to have an immersive experience with the art of Martina Hoffmann or all three VIVA Collection artists. With this, we'd like to offer the viewers the opportunity to walk in the painters' magical worlds from the comfort of their homes.

- As the crowning goal we envision the creation of a physical, private VIVA Museum-Gallery, possibly in Europe, that will make Martina Hoffmann's, Robert Venosa's, and Pascal Ferry's art available to the public on an all-year-around basis. 

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