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We are delighted that you’ve joined us here!

Please step through the VIVA gate now and allow us to guide you on an exciting journey of discovery.



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The VIVA Story:

During the lifetime of American, Visionary master painter, Robert Venosa, he and his artist wife, Martina Hoffmann, envisioned the creation of a private Gallery Museum. This private collection would feature the body of artworks, created during their 30-year relationship.
To name the private Museum space they coined the term VIVA, which originally stood for 'Venosa Initiative for Visionary Art'. Besides featuring their creations, the paintings, and sculptures that have remained in their private collection, it would also showcase the art of visiting international artists during special events.

From the beginning, VIVA was meant to be a gathering place for lovers of art that reflects and honors a deeper experience of our human experience. 


After Robert's passing in 2011, his widow, Martina Hoffmann, became the guardian of his collection and has since that time continued exhibiting his work internationally. Today, more than ever she actively works towards the manifestation of the VIVA Museum/Gallery to give a wider audience permanent access to Venosa's art and keep his artistic legacy alive.



What is VIVA? 

✦ Vibrational Immersion in Visionary Art ✦​

​'VIVA'  = “may (he/she) live!”- from the Latin 'Long Live'. 

  • 'Vibrational Immersion' is the process of utilizing manifestations, thoughts, and experiences, that are vibrationally similar to your desires, to create your reality.


  • Vibration: a person's emotional state, the atmosphere of a place, or the associations of an object, as communicated to and felt by others.


  • Immersion is a psychological state where the subject ceases to be aware of their physical state by being surrounded by a captivating total environment.


  • Visionary means: having the ability to perceive visions and to envision the future with imagination and wisdom.

  • “Visionary art: a non-temporal, transpersonal creative expression. Independent from specific schools of art it stands on its own and represents a steady current throughout art history. In essence, it is the oldest, universal creative-human-expression."
    Martina Hoffmann 2023

What is the VIVA Collection?

The private collection of art by Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann and Pascal Ferry.

3 Artists - One Vision

3 = 1

"My beloved husband and partner of 30 years, Robert Venosa, passed away in 2011.

Several years later, when I was guided into a new relationship with the French visionary painter, Pascal Ferry,

we discovered our shared passion for visionary art, visionary thinking, as well as the notion of the sacred and spiritual in life and art. Soon, it became apparent that I had found a new creative partner who embraced the VIVA vision wholeheartedly. As an added plus, his art is also vibrationally very compatible with Roberto's and mine.

So it became a natural choice for me to complete the original VIVA Collection by adding his creations to ours.”


Please meet the artists.



Robert Venosa_bio

1936 - 2011

Remains one of the great American masters of ‘Fantastic Realism’.

His art is represented in major collections worldwide.



German-American Visionary painter and sculptress 

She creates portals into her inner

landscapes and other worlds.

Portrait Couleur 2017_darker_web.jpg


 French Visionary landscape painter.

He represents his internal journeys 

in search of lost civilizations and their spiritual connection.

Visit the 
VIVA - Artist Collection

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Since they joined forces in the Fall of 2013, Martina Hoffmann and Pascal Ferry have been re-designing the VIVA Gallery/Museum vision while keeping the original dream and initial ideas intact.

By opening these pages, we are now taking the next steps towards making the entire 3 artists - VIVA Collection available to the public at long last by proposing the VIVA Museum-Gallery to our Collectors, Maecenases, and Followers.




"This time of creation is very exciting for us and we are looking to connect with allies and supporters to help us move forward with the realization. of VIVA."

- Martina Hoffmann & Pascal Ferry -

This will directly benefit the creation of VIVA.

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