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Welcome VIVA Patrons!

Thank you for supporting the VIVA vision and the creation of the VIVA Museum-Gallery.

With your purchase or donation, you are becoming a co-creator. 🙏

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To support the VIVA Vision we propose the following funding choices:

Original Art

Among the private collection of 70 pieces of original works of art by Robert Venosa in the VIVA collection

we are now offering a precious original to help launch VIVA Museum-Galerie.

This is a very rare opportunity as there are no other original Robert Venosa paintings from the VIVA Collection currently on the art market.




oil on canvas - mixed media, 52”x 33” / 132 x 84 cm

A dazzling masterpiece by Robert Venosa.


“STARGATE is a classic Venosa representation of the superconscious, transcendent, and supernatural worlds that were his artistic signature. Only very few artists have been able to represent these other realities and the unknown in their work as powerfully as Robert Venosa.

His amorphous, crystalline, otherworldly landscapes remain alive and fueled with a light of great intensity and a definitive edge which is always reflecting its full spectrum; a brilliance and translucency that is juxtaposed against its darker manifestations.

-James Cowan, Morpheus Gallery Las Vegas-

Original Art & Commissions
by Martina Hoffmann and Pascal Ferry art!

Exclusive VIVA Fine Art Prints

On Paper in an edition of 30

To be released in November 2023  

Alien Ascencion_Viva print

ALIEN ASCENSION by Martina Hoffmann

Yage Guide_Viva print

YAGE GUIDE by Robert Venosa

Mémoire d'Écumes_Viva print


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We accept all donations at this time
and are open to your suggestions and collaboration to further the VIVA project!

With deep appreciation and gratitude. 🙏


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