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Welcome to VIVA!


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Please step through the VIVA Portal now and allow us to guide you on an exciting journey of discovery.


Visionary means: having the ability to perceive visions and to envision the future with imagination or wisdom.


Pascal Ferry and I intend to look to the future and our vision with imagination and wisdom.

We are very excited about this new adventure, and feel truly honored by your participation in this journey.


It is the cooperation, between you and us, that will ultimately bring VIVA to life. 


Thank you so much for being a part of it’s becoming….


We are grateful for your support of our Vision!



Our VIVA Portal is a place for you to meet with us, artist, Martina Hoffmann, Pascal Ferry
and to learn more about the artistic legacy of the late, visionary master painter, Robert Venosa.
Here, you will also find opportunities for deeper levels of immersion into our art, creative process as well as a platform for community exchange, if you wish.


What is VIVA?

✦ Vibrational Immersion in Visionary Art ✦

  • 'Vibrational Immersion' is the process of utilizing manifestations, thoughts and experiences, that are vibrationally similar to your desires in order to create your reality.

  • Immersion (virtual reality) is the state of consciousness where an immersant's awareness of physical self is diminished or lost by being surrounded in an engrossing total environment.

  • Vibration: a person's emotional state, the atmosphere of a place, or the associations of an object, as communicated to and felt by others.

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The VIVA Story:

During Robert Venosa’s lifetime, he and Martina Hoffmann, envisioned the creation of a private gallery-museum-library location that would feature their personal body of work, created throughout the years as well as the work of international visionary artists and thinkers.

From the beginning, VIVA was meant to be a gathering place for lovers of art that reflects and honors a deeper experience of our human experience. 

This original vision has now been expanded to also feature the art of Pascal Ferry who is joining Martina in making this dream a reality. In short: Our goal is to create the VIVA gallery-museum, a virtual as well as physical place of contemplation, celebration and learning for visionaries of all walks of life.

About Us:

My beloved husband and partner of 30 years, Robert Venosa, passed away in 2011.

When I was guided into a new relationship with the French visionary painter, Pascal Ferry, several years later, we discovered our shared passion for visionary art, visionary thinking, as well as the notion of the sacred and spiritual in life and art.




...Paints portals into inner and other worlds.

She uses a visual language, inspired by the realms of the imagination, shamanic journeys and the dream state, that she believes to be indigenous to us all.

Martina's great interest lies in creating awareness of our global oneness and universal interconnectedness and in portraying the force that animates all life. 

Besides painting these subjects, she has also spoken to them as well as having taught painting workshops worldwide, together with her late husband, the fantastic realist, Robert Venosa. 

Today, Martina Hoffmann keeps a home and studio in the USA and France, where she is also presented permanently in the ‘Naia Museum’ in Rochefort-En-Terre.

​Her book 'Inner Landscapes' is a extrait of her best known art.


“I see one of the roles of the artist as a proactive visionary, seeding awareness of the mystical experience and spreading the message that it is our birthright to be conscious of our connection to the Universe and its multidimensional realities. In this pursuit, art appears as a tool for transformation that might shift the way we perceive our daily lives while offering us the opportunity to create a reality as beautiful, healthy and strong as our imagination can see.”                                                                    – Martina Hoffmann


"Your images show an art of painting which is enough to produce the astonishment and admiration for which words fail me."                             – Dr. Albert Hofmann, Switzerland



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...Is a French visionary landscape painter who represents his internal journeys 

in search of lost civilizations and their spiritual connection.


He has exhibited internationally, and his work is represented at NAIA MUSEUM in Rochefort-en-Terre in Brittany since 2015.

He has also created original art for numerous CD covers.

"As an artist I've always envisioned metaphorically removing the dust off the ancient sacred sites, stones and               

                            mysteries with my paintbrush.”                           

– Pascal Ferry




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Robert Venosa_bio

(1936 – 2011)


...Remains one of the great masters of ‘Fantastic Realism’.
His art is represented in major collections worldwide.

Robert Venosa Lived and worked in the US as well as Europe. As a prominent painter and sculptor, he created art for film and designed numerous music covers, namely for Santana, Cynic, Kitaro, and Ornette Coleman, just to mention a few.


He frequented the master painters Mati Klarwein, Ernst Fuchs, HR Giger, and Salvador Dali during his lifetime.


Robert Venosa was also a public speaker and taught painting classes together with his wife, the visionary artist Martina Hoffmann, worldwide.


There are three published books available on his art.

"The high mission of visionary art is, by its illusions, to foreshadow a higher universe reality, to transport the observer to transcendent realms of the imagination where form and color become a mystic language understood by that part of our higher self that is ever beckoning us onward to the sacred indescribable."  – Robert Venosa


“Bravo Venosa! Dali is pleased to see spiritual madness painted with such a fine technique.”                                                                                                  – Salvador Dali





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