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The Creation

This page is dedicated to the creation of the VIVA Museum-Gallery.

We invite you to revisit the entire VIVA proposition in detail.

By sharing the VIVA vision publicly with a larger audience for the first time,

we are taking the next step to make the VIVA Museum-Gallery dream a reality. 

In short: Our goal is to create a 'Visionary Art Haven', a physical space for art contemplation, celebration, and learning. Here, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our art, and the creative process as well as find a place for visionary exchange, if you wish.

We are also inviting you to become an active part of its becoming. 

It is the cooperation, between our community and us, that will ultimately bring VIVA to life. 

With your support and help, we can make VIVA a reality!



VIVA first stands for CELEBRATION!

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• At VIVA we’d like to honor and celebrate one of the greatest visionary artists, Robert Venosa.

• Here you will have the opportunity to see a large selection of his original art as well as the art of Martina Hoffmann and Pascal Ferry.

• The name VIVA was coined by Robert Venosa & Martina Hoffmann and initially stood for 'Venosa Initiative for Visionary Art'. It has now been transformed to ...

✦ Vibrational Immersion in Visionary Art ✦


3 Artists - One Vision

In our artistic vision and regard of life, the VIVA artists, are extremely synchronized and continue to pursue our artistic path and spiritual quest via our art and beyond.

So it made great sense to expand the original version of  VIVA, which contained the œuvre of both, Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann into the 3 Artists = 1 - version by including the art of Pascal Ferry.

The three artistic styles seamlessly complement and harmonize with each other and reflect their singular quest for THE LIGHT.

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Portrait Couleur 2017_darker_web.jpg


The Collection

Astral Circus
Oothoon's Palace
Celestial Tree
Sanctum Caelestis
Grand.Central Station
Universal Mother
Thoth Hermes
The Landing
Le Songe Creux
La Passerelle
L'Antre du Dragon
Beyond the Moment

The VIVA Collection holds over 350 pieces of original art by Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, and Pascal Ferry.

It comprises oil paintings on canvas and paper, drawings, book designs, illustrations, album cover art, logo design, and architectural design and sculpture.

Additionally, it contains many artifacts: the original art tools and workstation of the late Robert Venosa, his art book library and personal memorabilia, original handwritten letters, poems, and photographs.



While projecting the VIVA Museum-Gallery vision, it seems that we are being guided to Europe, possibly France for its actual physical location. But, we keep the field of possibilities open. 2024 will provide new answers.


VIVA portal._Building_web test image.jpg



Art, Exchange, Connecting, Learning

The VIVA art haven will be a place to nourish the soul. Lectures and special events will make the art on display more accessible. Painting workshops are planned to inspire human creativity. Simply put: at VIVA you will experience, learn, share, and find community.

We have a wealth of creative angles and techniques to share with years of collective teaching experience at Centers such as Esalen, Omega the CIIS. Martina Hoffmann also looks forward to sharing the knowledge about her late husband, Robert Venosa’s technique with future generations of artists. 


Making it happen!

We, the guardians of VIVA, Martina Hoffmann and Pascal Ferry, are looking towards this new adventure with great intention.

Many of you have followed us throughout the years and expressed the desire for such a space to manifest. We believe that the latest global developments demand more physical sanctuaries where we can connect face to face, in time and space, via art, evolving consciousness, and feeling as well as celebrating our humanness. together. The time has now arrived for making it happen and we would be truly honored by your participation in this journey in 2024!

It is a very exciting proposition for us to finally be able to allow you and our community around the world full access to this large visionary art collection.

Pascal & Martina.jpg

We, Martina Hoffmann & and Pascal Ferry, sincerely hope that you are as intrigued by the VIVA Vision as we are.


Thank you so much for becoming a part of its creation.

We are grateful for your support!


This will benefit the creation of VIVA.


You want to become a Patron and guardian angel of VIVA.


We accept large commissions to benefit VIVA.


You want to become a Patron and guardian angel of VIVA.

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