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WELCOME to my new video page!

Watch my latest interviews, persentations and movies.....


A quick introduction video to my art... 

by Oenomaus

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Enjoy this interview movie with Robert Venosa, Stanislav Grof and myself.
It is a true time capsule, and the last recorded conversation of both, Robert and I in 2009.

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If you've watched and enjoyed our full interview movie


You might like to also see my "2020 FOLLOW_UP - Q & A CONVERSATION" with Stan and Brigitte Grof as well as with film makers Susan Hess Logeais and Mitch Schultz on WOTP.

I'm sharing about my art, the creative process and technique, the deeply transformative events that took place for me after Robert Venosa's passing as well as the global cultural transformation in process.

Martina, Stan, Brogitte, Susan, Mitch Co
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Converging Perspectives with Tom Ardavany, Suzanne Toro and Martina Hoffmann.

on Indie Creators in the JoyZone at KLBP, Long Beach Radio.

We dive into painting portals, artistic mastery, and world events with Martina Hoffmann.

All will be woven together by Thomas and Suzanne, a little Music, A LOT of Joy and shared Perspectives.

Join Tom Ardavany & Suzanne Toro on Indie Creators in the JoyZone at KLBP,Public Radio 99.1 FM Long Beach,

Oneness Talk Radio & BeSimplyRadio

The Audio Version....

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an online presentation during

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A short film about the art of Martina Hoffmann by Yvette Endrijautzki,
director of Nautilus Studio, Germany.

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