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"In His Own Words"

'A Visionary's Path'

ROBERT VENOSA - 'In His Own Words'

With this 50 minute movie we hope to evoke the extraordinary life and career of the artist,

Robert Venosa, whose immense vision and creativity were enlivened by light and

transcended by his remarkable passion for art.

For all Venosa Art fans :

Robert will guide you on a tour through the illuminating experiences that have inspired his art

and life....




New York-born, ROBERT VENOSA, was one of the illuminating forces and leading iconic figures of fantastic and visionary art.

His work has been exhibited worldwide and is represented in international museums and major collections. It included painting, sculpting and film design - pre sketches and conceptual design for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s movie project DUNE, ‘Fire in the Sky ‘ for Paramount Pictures, as well as ‘Race for Atlantis’ for IMAX.

Robert Venosa’s art has been featured on numerous book covers and other publications - most notably OMNI magazine - and on a number of CD covers, including those of SANTANA, KITARO and CYNIC.

Three books have been the subject of his art; ‘Mana’s Manna’, ‘Noospheres’ and ‘Illuminatus’ (with text by Terence McKenna).

Throughout his artistic career, he was closely associated with the great masters of the Fantastic and Surreal, Salvador Dali, HR Giger, Mati Klarwein and Ernst Fuchs.

Together with his ‘compañera’ of 30 years, the artist, Martina Hoffmann, they traveled the globe and taught the age-old ‘Misch Technique’ at such institutes as Esalen and Omega in the USA and as well as at learning centers worldwide. They’ve also been proponents of Visionary Art and Culture and have spoken at international conferences.

Robert Venosa lived and worked in both, Europe and the US until his departure in 2011.



“Bravo Venosa! Dali is pleased to see spiritual madness painted with such a fine technique.”

Salvador Dali




This video was originally created by Martina Hoffmann on the occasion of Robert Venosa’s life celebration in 2011 and has now been reformatted to a 50 minute DVD, for a wider audience and his fans around the world.


Concept, editing and production: Martina Hoffmann

Editing and sound design: Christopher Perkins-Cook

The DVD for the 'Die-Hard' COLLECTOR!

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