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Wishing you a bright new year!

Last year began with the wish to spend more time in my studio and to quietly integrate the events of the past years through creating art....a part of that dream came true but I still spent 6 months on the road, participated in 19 exhibitions in the US, France, Germany, the UK, Austria and Portugal, spoke and taught a workshop. Humbly accepting this plethora of invitations to step back out into the world brought me many unexpected gifts and magical encounters.... which included meeting some of you!

Here a few highlights:


CHIMERIA, Sedan, France, 2016

FRIESE GALERIE, Kirschau, Germany, 2016

SOLPURPOSE, Arise Festival, Loveland, CO 2016

SCHLOSS GLOGGNITZ, Gloggnitz, Austria, 2016


KRAB JAB STUDIO, Seattle, OR, USA, 2016 GALERIE 10, Vienna, Austria, 2016

On this new years eve night, I'm envisioning 2017 to be a year of great creative activity, for myself as well as for you. Creativity is a fundamental part of taking action in this world and feeling whole.

I'd like to thank all of you for your bright presence in my life and for your interest in and support of my art.

Wishing you a light-filled, peaceful, healthy and very joyous new year 2017! ........ A girl can dream.....and that's how we make things happen...;-)

With all my love to you....

Martina Hoffmann

THE ARRIVAL, oil on canvas, 42" x 12", 2015

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