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Sunny season.....Full activation

Today I'm excited to share a few of my latest exhibitions and paintings with you.....

This year has begun with my renewed participation in the permanent collection of

MÉDUSE at Naia Museum (in the photo on left).


I will remain very active throughout the Summer with many wonderful exhibitions and events lined up, some have already come to pass:

In May my work was part of "Visionary Alchemy" an AOL (Society for Art of the Imagination) exhibition in New York City. Enjoy the video!


Beginning of June Pascal Ferry and I shared a gallery/booth at Tattoo Masquerade at the Convention Center in Denver which also featured the work of my beloved Robert Venosa.


One June 9th 'Immortal Façade', portrait group exhibition at Luminous Flux Gallery, owned by Aloria Weaver and David Heskin.

The show will be up for one month.....113 W 2nd St. Loveland, CO 80537

See the full album! (click ;-))


Towards the end of June you will also be able to see my art as well as the art of my partner, Pascal Ferry as well as Robert Venosa's at Sonic Bloom' in Colorado and my work will travel to London to be shown at 'Breaking Conventions' at Greenwich University.

Please stay tuned for other Summer event updates!


And finally I'd like to share a few new paintings with you:

THOTH-HERMES, 2017, 18" x 30" / 45 x 75 cm, oil on canvas.

CONTACT, 2017, oil on canvas, 24" x 15" / 61 x 38 cm

DEVA, 2017, oil on canvas, 20" x 8" / 50 x 20 cm

ANGEL HEART, 2016, oil on canvas ALIEN GODDESS, 2016, oil on canvas


And finally for all my collectors out there.........You may order all new and old limited edition prints directly through my online gallery: