End of Spring Update !

With Summer almost here, I would like to catch you up on my Spring activities and events....

In the forest near the 'Tumulus de St. Michel', Carnac, France.


It has been an active season with the completion of new art, exhibitions, festivals and film releases. Here some of the HIGHLIGHTS:

- OPENING OF SEASON 5 NAIA MUSEUM in Rochefort-En-Terre, France, April 2019.

The theme this year: “Les Mémoires du Futur” /  "Tomorrow Revealed"

I've been a part of this creative adventures since its beginnings in 2015 and I've enjoyed the journey. If you are traveling through Brittany in France this year, this singular museum of the imaginary with over 80 artists form around the world will amaze you!

This year, Im showing 'Totem', 'Thoth Hermes', 'Universal Mother', Crest I 7 II as well as my Thoth being part of a museum park installation.


- VISIONARIUM ART FESTIVAL in Cataluña, Spain, May 2019

To see a full album please visit my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/martina.hoffmann.547/media_set?set=a.10159003695939896&type=3


- WORLD AYAHUASVA CONFERENCE in Girona, Spain, 2019.

It was an honour to show my art as part of 'Dreams & Divinities' during this historical event around plant medicine ecology and finding solutions to preserve indigenous cultures and lands.