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New -Martina Hoffmann Website- Launch!

This week I'm getting a couple of long overdue projects up and running: My new website, complete with a boutique that you've been asking about:, as well as this blog which is a first for me.

So I hope you'll enjoy both and I'm looking forward to your comments.

This year has been busy. In letting all activities run by my mind’s eye, I realize that we’ve been on the road for a good 6 months altogether. So returning to my calm studio life in France and getting back to my creativity will come as a welcome and restorative activity.

As I’ve concluded the last of my official engagements, I’m counting 18 exhibitions, one solo show plus various public appearances and conference talks as well as one workshop. A little more than I was planning on engaging in. But the Universe seems to be calling on me more than ever to be present outside of my personal sphere and I oblige. ;-)

Please remember my 20% discount offer on posters, apparel and limited edition prints on canvas during the month of December and include this code with your order: Love16.

This is to express my gratitude to all of you!

Wishing you a peaceful season.

Martina Hoffmann

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